The 20-20 is a new private club, which brings together cities and key urban stakeholders to exchange best practices and innovative case studies and to provide focused business-city collaboration for practical progress in urban development.

The 20-20 is a new and unique network driven by cities for cities but recognising the crucial role of other stakeholders in future urban development.

Twenty cities accepted the invitation to join the first programme on urban mobility and to meet with development banks, private sector companies, and NGOs, in different member locations over the year.

Participants have continuity through the different thematic programmes on mobility, ICT or resource efficiency to develop relationships and new models of engagement. There are post-event reports and surveys after each meeting in multiple languages, which look at the needs and solutions for cities.

The first meeting focusing on urban mobility was held at City Hall, London in July 2015 and it brought together mayors, deputy mayors and heads of transport with Isabel Dedring, London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, as chair.

To enquire about joining a 20-20 programme please contact: .

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The meeting was very well organised. The number of cities was ideal to create an environment for exchange of knowledge and experience.

José Elvado Gonçalo, Deputy Secretary of Transport, São Paulo


Hazem Galal

Global Leader, Cities and Local Government Sector

City of London

Isabel Dedring

Deputy Mayor for Transport


Will Judge

Head of Transit Centre of Excellence

City of Barcelona

Manuel Valdés López

Deputy Manager of Infrastructure and Urban Coordination

Climate Bonds Initiative

Sean Kidney


City of São Paulo

José Evaldo Gonçalo

Deputy Secretary of Transport

Guangzhou Municipal Government

Liu Baochun

Director General of Foreign Affairs

Philips Lighting

Rob Mitchell

Public Lighting Systems Expert

IBM Smarter Cities

Mary Keeling

Manager, Economic Analysis

City of Amsterdam

Petra Delsing

Director, Mobility and Public Space

BYD Europe

Isbrand Ho

Managing Director

City of Paris

Christophe Najdovski

Deputy Mayor for Transport, Mobility, Roads and Public Space

Thales UK

Alistair McPhee

Vice President, Ground Transportation Systems

City of Campinas

Jonas Donizette


BKK Centre for Budapest Transport

Kálmán Dabóczi


City of Copenhagen

Steffen Rasmussen

Head of Department of Traffic and Urban Life

Dublin City Council

Brendan O’Brien

Head of Technical Services (Traffic) - Environment and Transportation Department

City of Fukuoka

Masanao Nakazono

Deputy Mayor

City of Gothenburg

Magnus Borelius

Head of Group Treasury

City of Hamburg

Martin Huber

Head of Transport and Roads

Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government

Chunhao Kong

Deputy Secretary-General


Shri Parikipandla Narahari

Head of District Administration

Institute for Transportation Development and Policy

Xiaomei Duan

Chief Technical Officer

Transport for Greater Manchester

Dave Newton

Transport Strategy Director


Karen Vancluysen

Executive Director

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Michael Fahy

Director, Sustainable Mobility


Peter Woods

Emeritus Mayor and Ambassador